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  • Arranger Legal Adviser League Table for Russia & CIS Eurobonds, 2015
The arranger legal adviser league tables are designed to reflect law firms' activity in the primary CIS Eurobond market in terms of number of issues where a law firm has acted as a legal adviser to the arrangers as to international and local law. Legal advisers to the bookrunners, lead managers and initial purchasers (only as to Ukrainian law) are considered as legal advisers to the arrangers.

The league tables take into account Russia & CIS Plain Vanilla Eurobond issues placed in 2014. Plain Vanilla Eurobonds include only market issues sold to a wide range of investors and exclude euro-commercial papers (ECP), credit linked notes (CLN), securitization, convertible bonds and structured products. For the league table purposes Georgia Eurobonds is included in the CIS. Except for the general league table based on CIS Eurobond issues there is separate league table for Russia.
Arranger Legal Adviser League Table for Russia, 2015
Law firm
Number of issuers
Number of issues
Amount:   7
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