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Emerging Markets Fixed Income Quotes (Listed Markets, Trading Platforms, OTC Fixing)

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Section “Prices by trading systems” displays trading results from world exchanges and OTC on the end-of-the day basis. In this section subscribers can find indicative quotes by Cbonds Estimation, calculated by Cbonds according to the methods considering bid/ ask quotes received from various price providers (stock exchanges and OTC market participants).

The page is represented by the search form which allows to find quotes for domestic and international bonds using various filters: country, region, industry, sector, yield, duration. Data can be obtained in both ways: for a certain period of time and for a specific date.

The search results show various types of prices, selective bond parameters, data on the turnover and number of transactions as well as calculated analytical indicators.

The indicative price column shows the quote whish is selected by Cbonds according to the following price priority: Weighted Average price (Average), Market price (Market), Close price (Close), Admitted price (Admitted), Mid price (Mid), Last price (Last). The column “Indicative price type” shows the type of the price which was selected as indicative at the previous stage. The indicative price is used for calculation of effective yield, duration, modified duration, spreads.

Cbonds independently calculates different types of yield, duration, ACI and spread via Cbonds bond calculator. All the formulas used in the calculation of analytical indicators are given in “Guide for the bond calculator”.

Quotes search results show effective yields (unless otherwise is indicated). In the indicative yield column, the yield is calculated from the indicative price. If it’s possible to calculate YTM, yield to put/call and current yield, then Cbonds selects indicative yield according to the following priority: YTM effective, effective yield to Put/ call (Put / Call), current yield (Current). The column “Indicative yield type” displays the type of yield which was selected as indicative at the previous stage.
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