Cbonds Page: Russia (TIN 7710168360, OGRN 1037739085636)

company Russia
full company name Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
type of legal entity State enterprise
country of risk Russia
country of registration Russia
address 9 building 1, Ilinka street, Moscow, Russian Federation
phone +7 (495) 987-93-81
fax +7 (495) 625-08-89
web http://old.minfin.ru/en/

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The Russian Federation is a sovereign and democratic federal state, consisting of 83 sub-federal political units. Russia is the largest country in the world by land mass, covering 17.1 million square kilometres. Russia borders 16 countries and spans nine time zones, extending some 9,000 kilometres from the Baltic Sea in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east and some 4,000 kilometres from its southern border on the Black and Caspian Seas to its northern limits on the Arctic Ocean.

Russia is rich in natural resources. It is the world’s second-largest producer of natural gas, the world’s leading producer of oil and a significant producer of coal, uranium, nickel, palladium and platinum. As of 1 January 2009, Russia’s A, B and C1 natural gas reserves (which include explored reserves considered to be fully extractable pursuant to the Russian reserves system) were estimated at 47.8 trillion cubic metres.The country also has substantial gold deposits (located mainly in Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East) as well as significant deposits of zinc, lead, tin, silver, other rare metals and precious and semiprecious stones. Russia is among the world’s leading producers of electricity, steel, fertilisers, cotton textiles and other goods. Forests cover approximately 52% of Russia’s total land area, and Russia’s timber reserves, the largest of any country, are estimated at 83.3 billion cubic metres.

Russia is home to approximately 143 million people, ranks ninth in the world by population and has a population density of approximately 8.3 persons per square kilometre. Roughly 79% of the population lives in European Russia, and approximately the same percentage of Russia’s population lives in cities. Russia’s capital and largest city is Moscow with 11.5 million inhabitants, and 11 other Russian cities have a population of more than one million residents.

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Director, Public Debt and State Financial Assets Department
Deputy Director of the State Debt and State Financial Assets

Issuer yield curve

Issuer credit rating

Rating AgencyRatingRating scaleDate
RIA Rating***Sovereign ratings***
Dagong Credit***International scale rating (foreign curr.)***
Dagong Credit***International scale rating (local curr.)***
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)***Country Risk Classifications***
Moody's Investors Service***LT- foreign currency***
Moody's Investors Service***LT- local currency***
S&P Global Ratings***Foreign Currency LT***
S&P Global Ratings***Local Currency LT***
S&P Global Ratings***LT National Scale (Russia)***
Fitch Ratings***LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.)***
Fitch Ratings***National Scale (Russia)***
Fitch Ratings***LT Int. Scale (local curr.)***
Rating Agency RAEX (Expert RA)***Foriegn curr. scale***
Rating Agency RAEX (Expert RA)***Local curr. scale***
National Rating Agency***Global scale***

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Outstanding bond issues amount

Сurrency Outstanding bond issues Cumulative volume
EUR 1 750 000 000
RUR 52 8 454 065 888 000
USD 11 46 684 574 656


Issue Volume, mln Status
Russia, 29008 400,000 RUR outstanding
Russia, 29006 400,000 RUR outstanding
Russia, 29009 400,000 RUR outstanding
Russia, 29007 400,000 RUR outstanding
Russia, 29010 400,000 RUR outstanding
Russia, 26221 350,000 RUR outstanding
Russia, 26220 250,000 RUR outstanding
Russia, 24019 150,000 RUR outstanding
Russia, 29012 250,000 RUR outstanding
Russia, 26219 250,000 RUR outstanding


Loans Volume, mln Status
Belarus, 07.2015 760 USD Bookrunner