BNP Paribas Bank (TIN 7744002405, OGRN 1027700045780) — Company card

company BNP Paribas Bank
full company name “BNP PARIBAS BANK” JSC
type of legal entity Joint-stock company
country of risk Russia
country of registration Russia
industry Banks

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The BNP Paribas Group has a diversified presence in Russia, being active in all 3 core businesses: Corporate & Investment Banking, Investment Solutions and Retail Banking (Consumer Finance). The Group enjoys strong market positions in all areas and great prospects for the future development. BNP Paribas was one of the first foreign banks to come to Russia. It started its activity in Moscow through representative offices of both Banque Nationale de Paris and Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas opened in 1974. In the 1990’s, the Commodity & Trade Finance activity first developed by BNP Paribas back in the early 70’s was successfully adapted to the Russian market. BNP Paribas has never stopped its activity in Russia even during the collapse of the URSS or 1998 crisis and accompanied the largest Russian private and state companies from their start until now. Since 2000 the Group’s offer has significantly expanded its presence on the market. As a result, today more than 5,000 employees offer an extensive range of first class financial products and services, both at an individual and business level across 7 time zones from Kalinigrad to Yakutiya. Corporate and Institutional clients benefit from expertise in Corporate & Investment Banking (BNP Paribas ZAO), Investment Solutions (TKB BNP Paribas Investment Partners and BNP Paribas Cardif), Insurance (Cardif), Vehicle Management Services (Arval). The bank also offers services to individual clients, including Consumer Finance working under the Cetelem brand and Asset Management, provided through BNP Paribas Investment Partners headquartered in St. Petersburg.

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S&P Global Ratings *** Foreign Currency LT ***
S&P Global Ratings *** Local Currency LT ***
S&P Global Ratings *** LT National Scale (Russia) ***
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Issue Volume, mln Status
BNP Paribas Bank, BO-02 3,000 RUR expected
BNP Paribas Bank, BO-03 3,000 RUR expected
BNP Paribas Bank, BO-04 3,000 RUR expected
BNP Paribas Bank, BO-01 3,000 RUR expected
BNP Paribas Bank, 01 2,000 RUR redeemed
BNP Paribas Bank, 02 2,000 RUR cancelled
BNP Paribas Fortis, 0.5% 23sep2024, EUR 500 EUR outstanding
BNP Paribas, FRN 22sep2022, EUR 1,000 EUR outstanding
BNP Paribas, 4.25% 16dec2022, AUD 175 AUD outstanding
BNP Paribas, FRN 16dec2022, AUD 150 AUD outstanding
Loans Volume, mln Status
UkrSibbank, 2, 10.2007 55 USD Redeemed
UkrSibbank, 1, 10.2007 55 USD Redeemed
UkrSibbank, 5.2007 250 USD Redeemed
UkrSibbank, 4.2007 50 USD Redeemed
UkrSibbank, 11.2005 115 USD Redeemed
UkrSibbank, 3.2005 37 USD Redeemed

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2016 - - - -
2015 - - - -
2014 - 2 qr - -

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year Q1 H1 9M Y
3.23 Mнац
2.49 Meng

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year national english
1.78 Mнац
1.91 Meng
19.62 Mнац
1.89 Meng
12.37 Mнац
1.45 Meng
1.45 Meng