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East-West United Bank — bonds & company profile

company East-West United Bank
full company name East-West United Bank S.A.
country of risk Russia
country of registration Luxembourg
web http://www.ewub.lu/

Company details

  • TIN


Issue Volume, mln Status
Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), 001P-14 15,000 RUB outstanding
Segezha Group, 001P-01R 10,000 RUB outstanding
Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), 001P-13 10,000 RUB outstanding
Detsky Mir, BO-05 3,000 RUB outstanding
AFK Sistema, 001P-12 10,000 RUB outstanding
Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), 001P-12 15,000 RUB outstanding
MTS Bank, 02SUB 1,500 RUB outstanding
AFK Sistema, 001P-11 10,000 RUB outstanding
Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), 001P-11 10,000 RUB outstanding
Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), 001P-10 15,000 RUB outstanding
Loans Volume, mln Status
MC Segezha Group, 03.2018 78 EUR Granted
AFK Sistema, 02.2018 40,000 RUB Granted
MC Segezha Group, 10.2016 384 EUR Granted
AFK Sistema, 12.2015 350 USD Granted
Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), 03.2014 300 USD Granted
Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), 2, 5.2009 238 EUR Redeemed
Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), 1, 5.2009 360 USD Redeemed
Detsky Mir, 7.2008 50 USD Redeemed
MTS Bank, 7.2008 40 EUR Redeemed
AFK Sistema, 2, 5.2008 255 USD Redeemed


Issue Volume, mln Status
AFK Sistema, 001P-10 10,000 RUB Co-arranger
AFK Sistema, 001P-09 10,000 RUB Co-arranger
Lider-Invest, BO-P02 5,000 RUB Co-arranger
AFK Sistema, 001P-08 15,000 RUB Co-arranger
AFK Sistema, 001P-07 10,000 RUB Co-arranger
AFK Sistema, 001P-06 15,000 RUB Co-arranger
Lider-Invest, BO-P01 3,000 RUB Co-arranger
AFK Sistema, 001P-05 10,000 RUB Co-arranger
AFK Sistema, 001P-04 6,500 RUB Co-arranger
Loans Volume, mln Status
Rustavi Azot LLC, B, 07.2016 75 USD Bookrunner
Alfa-Bank Ukraine, 10.2013 73 USD Bookrunner
European Bearing Corporation, B, 07.2010 100 USD Bookrunner
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