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company BMCI
full company name Banque marocaine pour le commerce et l'industrie
country of risk Morocco
industry Banks


BMCI is a bank based in Morocco. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the French financial group BNP Paribas.
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Outstanding bond issues amount

Сurrency Outstanding bond issues Cumulative volume
MAD 2 1 500 000 000


Issue Volume, mln Status
BMCI, 6.04% 22nov2022, MAD 750 MAD outstanding
BMCI, FRN 22nov2022, MAD (OB161) 750 MAD outstanding
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), FRN 31mar2020, EUR 50 EUR outstanding
BNP Paribas, 2% 31mar2027, EUR 150 EUR outstanding
BNP Paribas, FRN 22sep2022, EUR 1,500 EUR outstanding
BNP Paribas Fortis, 0.5% 23sep2024, EUR 500 EUR outstanding
BNP Paribas, 4.25% 16dec2022, AUD 175 AUD outstanding
BNP Paribas, FRN 16dec2022, AUD 150 AUD outstanding
BNP Paribas, 1.5% 15mar2022, SEK 500 SEK outstanding
BNP Paribas, 4.625% 13mar2027, USD 1,250 USD outstanding
Loans Volume, mln Status
UkrSibbank, 2, 10.2007 55 USD Redeemed
UkrSibbank, 1, 10.2007 55 USD Redeemed
UkrSibbank, 5.2007 250 USD Redeemed
UkrSibbank, 4.2007 50 USD Redeemed
UkrSibbank, 11.2005 115 USD Redeemed
UkrSibbank, 3.2005 37 USD Redeemed