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company Galt and Taggart
full company name Galt and Taggart
country of risk Georgia
industry Financial institutions


Established in 2000, Galt & Taggart (formerly BG Capital and Galt & Taggart Securities) is the wholly-owned investment arm of Bank of Georgia (brokerage company licensed by the National Bank of Georgia). We offer clients a full range of investment services, including equity and fixed-income brokerage, research, investment banking and asset management services.

Institutional backing from Bank of Georgia provides Galt & Taggart with the ability to interact closely with international investors, while our relationship with Bank of Georgia Wealth Management gives us access to a broad range of products and a distribution chain unmatched by other regional brokerages.

Galt & Taggart is the leading investment bank in Georgia by market share with regularly reported IFRS financials. Galt & Taggart offers a full range of investment and corporate finance services. We transact on nearly all of the world's leading stock exchanges, offer competitive rates, and guarantee quick execution of trades in local and global equities and Eurobonds.

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Security Date Bid price Ask price YTM (bid), % YTM (ask), %
BGEO Group, 6% 26jul2023, USD 06/27/2017 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
Georgia, 6.875% 12apr2021, USD 06/27/2017 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
Georgian Leasing Company, 8.75% 22sep2017, USD (01) 06/27/2017 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation, 6.75% 26apr2021, USD 06/27/2017 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
Georgian Railway, 7.750% 11jul2022, USD 06/27/2017 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
m2 Real Estate, 7.5% 07oct2019, USD 06/27/2017 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
Nikora Trade, 11% 18mar2018, USD 06/27/2017 ***.**** ***.**** **.** *.**
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