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Cbonds – the first information and analytical platform for financial markets in Ukrainian

February 21, 2018 | Cbonds

Dear users!
Cbonds Information Agency became the first information and analytical platform dedicated to financial markets, which launched its website in Ukrainian. The partner in the implementation of this project was the ICU group.
The following Ukrainian-language profiles are available to users:
- http://ua.cbonds.ua (PRO UA tariff) – Ukrainian market of bonds and Eurobonds;
- http://cbonds.ua (Premium tariff) – the global market of bonds and Eurobonds;
- http://em.cbonds.ua (PRO EM tariff) – the market of Eurobonds of emerging countries.
To date, the Cbonds website is available in eight languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish, Italian, German, Spanish, and Chinese. The Cbonds database includes more than 200 thousand issues (including all international bonds, the most detailed base for the domestic market of Ukraine and CIS countries), quotations of more than 100 trading platforms and 150 market participants, credit ratings from the leading international (Moody's, S&P, Fitch) and Ukrainian rating agencies (Credit Rating, IBI-Rating, Rurik, Expert-Rating, Standard-Rating), IFRS reporting, market comments from more than 100 sources, analytical functionality (Calculator, Bond maps, Portfolio management) and much more.
Sergey Lyalin, General Director, Cbonds Group of Companies: 
"The first version of the Cbonds website for the Ukrainian market was launched in 2002, and for a long time, the content on the site was maintained exclusively in Russian. However, during this time (more than 16 years) we saw a significant increase in the use of the Ukrainian language in business communication among participants in the financial market, as the language of publication of news and analytical materials. Taking into account the fact that among the visitors of the site Cbonds Ukraine is in the top five (Russia, USA, Great Britain, Italy, Ukraine), adding the Ukrainian language as one of the languages of the website (along with Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Polish) reflects the importance for us of Ukraine and the Ukrainian audience of the website. We are very grateful to the ICU group for their support in this endeavor, including high-quality analytics. Taking this opportunity, we invite the participants of the Ukrainian market to take part in the further development of this project and to increase the amount of content in the Ukrainian language."
Konstantin Stetsenko, Managing Partner, ICU Group: 
"We have been successfully cooperating with Cbonds for many years and were happy to support the localization of the platform on the bond market as a kind of social and educational project. Cbonds has been and remains the main source of information for participants in the CIS debt markets, and with the growing development of this market in Ukraine, the demand for specialized content in the Ukrainian language is more than obvious.”

Company: Ukraine

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200 000
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