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Cbonds publishes ranking of international and domestic bond issuers for 1Q 2017- press release

April 07, 2017 | Cbonds

Dear website users, Cbonds Agency has prepared 1Q 2017 ranking of international and domestic bond issuers. It includes information about placement in internal and external bond markets broken down by sectors, regions and industries.

In the Q1 2017, the sovereign issuers placed $2,430 billion in the international and domestic bond market. TOP 5 was occupied by the G-7 countries’ issuers. The USA was the first in the global ranking; it placed bonds to the amount of $1,075 billion, market share of all placement was 44 %. The second was Japan; its share in the market was $ 390 billion, i.e. 16 %. The next was Italy; the placed debt amount was $130 billion, market share – 5.4 %. The fifth were France and Germany. Their share was $82 billion and $77 billion, accordingly. Their market share was 3.4 % and 3.2 %, accordingly. They were followed by Brazil ($72 billion), China ($69.5 billion), Spain ($56 billion), Great Britain ($45.82 billion) and Canada ($42 billion). TOP 10 countries placed the bonds to the amount of US $2,038 billion, i.e. 83 % of the sovereign bond market.

There was only one developed country (Sweden) in the TOP 30 sovereign international bond issuers’ ranking. The countries attracted $67 billion in the international market. The champion in the market was Kuwait due to the placement of 2 issues totaling $8 billion.

Using internal and external market resources, nonfinancial companies took $518 billion. TOP 5 were occupied by American companies from IT and telecommunications sector: Verizon Communications, Microsoft, Broadcom, AT&T Inc. and Apple. These companies placed all their issues in US dollars.  Verizon Communications placed 9 issues to the amount of $21 billion, on January 25, 2017 (http://cbonds.com/emissions/issue/295329) and on March 13, 2017 (http://cbonds.com/emissions/issue/300939). They were made by tranches with different maturity dates. Regardless its second place, Microsoft became a real star among the nonfinancial sector issuer. On January 30, 2017, it placed 7 issues totaling $17 billion. It was the largest placement of the first quarter in the international financial sector. The longest issue was the bond (http://cbonds.com/emissions/issue/289995) with maturity date of 40 years. Broadcom once placed 4 issues, taking $14 billion, and providing the 3rd place in the ranking. AT&T and Apple took $12 billion and $11 billion in the market, accordingly. They joined the placement “race” of their distinguished competitors in the end of January – beginning of February 2017, to prove that they were not worse than others. European companies Volkswagen, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, Mylan NV and BMW, took the sixth to tenth places. It’s worth noting that this ten became the leaders of the international bond non-financial sector issuers’ ranking.

Financial sector companies attracted $678 billion in the debt market. The thirty of the largest ones took $279 billion. TOP 10 were occupied by American and European banks. European Investment Bank stayed ahead and made placement in the currencies of the developed and developing countries. Investors bought its bonds to the amount of $34.3 billion, i.e. 5 % of the market. Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Landesbank Hessen-Thueringen and Morgan Stanley were with $21.4 billion, $15.8 billion, $14.3 billion and $13 billion, accordingly.

International bond financial sector issuers placed the debt securities to the amount of $469 billion. The leaders: European Investment Bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, IBRD, Asian Development Bank managed to attract $85 billion.

Nonfinancial sector issuers from developing countries took $59.5 billion. TOP 5 included Pemex, Petrobras, China Evergrande Group, Gazprom, Korea National Oil Corp. All but China Evergrande Group, construction industry company, were also the first in ranking of the EM international bond oil & gas issuers.

Asian Development Bank was with $10.5 billion in the market. As a result, it took the first place in the EM international bond financial sector issuers’ ranking. It was followed by other development banks: China Development Bank and African Development Bank.

New international bond placement of the CIS was $10.1 billion. Gazprom ranked the first; investors purchased its two issues totaling $1.8 billion. Then was Metinvest that changed old issues to one new issue, the issue volume was $1.2 billion. The third was Azerbaijan Southern Gas Corridor – $1 billion. Russian companies were the fourth and fifth: Polyus and RZD, $800 million and $761 million, accordingly.

Issues rankings include plain vanilla bonds issued by the governments, companies and banks, excluding bonds with maturity less than 365 days, CDO, securitization and structured products. Ranking currency is US dollar. All issues placed in other currencies have been converted to dollars at the applicable rate at the bond placement.

You can find additional information in the ranking, http://cbonds.com/rankings/item/423, available to all website users. You can find there every new issue in the ranking and download the ranking tables in Excel or PDF-format. Share them with your colleagues and friends. If you have any questions or requests, please write us: global@cbonds.info

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