Cbonds Prepared League Tables of Investment Banks - Bookrunners of Emerging and Developed Market bonds for 1Q 2017

April 05, 2017 - Cbonds


We are happy to announce the publication of new investment banks league tables - bookrunners of Emerging and Developed market bonds and international bonds for 1Q 2017. The following league tables were published:

League table for EM international bonds, 1Q 2017


Top 5:

League table for CIS international bonds, 1Q 2017


Top 5:

League table for DM international bonds (excl. USA), 1Q 2017


Top 5:

League table for US international and domestic bonds, 1Q 2017


Top 5:

You can also use the league table builder (http://cbonds.com/rankings/generator/), which allows using lots of different filters, such as: the industry of the issuer, currency of issue, country, type of securities and others.

Cbonds expresses appreciation to investment banks which are included in the process of confirming participation in the deals that are included into Cbonds ranking. Cbonds invites all market participants of primary market to cooperation, it helps us make our league tables more fair and accurate. Contact details are available here: (http://em.cbonds.com/pages/cbonds_em).

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