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Market volume of the Russian corporate bonds as of April 1 equals 9,659.61 bln. rubles, of corporate Eurobonds – 183.53 bln. rubles — Cbonds release

April 04, 2017 - Cbonds


Market volume of the Russian corporate bonds as of April 1 has increased by 1.1 % for the previous month. Total volume of all the issues is 9,659.61 bln. rub. (according to outstanding nominal – 9,366 bln. rub.), 2,148.68 bln. rub. of which refer to the bond issues of the banks, 2,580.81 bln. rub. — to the oil-and-gas industry, 1,840.73 bln. rub. — to the financial institutions, 3,089.39 bln. rub. — to the issues of the remained economic sectors of the Russian Federation. Currently, there are 1,282 bond issues in circulation issued by 395 issuers. In March, 24 new issuers has come into the market and has issued 25 bond issues totaling 134.71 bln. rub.

Market volume of mortgage bonds as of April 1 is 594.06 bln. rub., which corresponds to the past period index. New issues number of mortgage bonds for month: 4 tranches amounting 50 mln. rub. Domestic securitization market volume is 533.47 bln. rub., which is 1.7 % more than the last year’s index. In March, 7 new transactions amounting 9.16 bln. rubles have been closed in this segment.

In March, there were no new placements in the municipal debt segment. As of April 1, the market volume of the municipal bonds is 634.39 bln. rub. (according to outstanding nominal – 468.36 bln. rub.). Currently, there are 118 bond issues of 46 regional issuers in circulation.

For March, 7 new issues have been registered in the market of the Russian issuers’ Eurobonds; total market volume inclusive of the sovereign debt equals 183.525 bln. dollars. They include: 49.081 bln. dollars of the public Eurobonds and 134.445 bln. dollars of the corporate bonds.

In March, 8 Ministry of Finance auctions on federal loan bonds placement, in total there have been placed and additionally placed 156.1 bln. rub. Public internal debt of the Russian Federation in public securities as of April 1 equals 6,467.3 bln. rub. According to Cbonds, total volume of the federal loan bond issues as of April 1 equals 5,999.75 bln. rub., including 3 365.54 bln. rub. of the federal loan bonds with fixed income, 1,822.98 bln. rub. of the federal loan bonds with changeable coupon, 645.51 bln. rub. of the federal loan bonds with debt amortization and 165.72 bln. rub. of the federal loan bonds with indexable nominal.
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