Comment: Ukrainian eurobond market as of 17 March

March 20, 2017 - Cbonds


Svitlana Rusakova, Head of Proprietary Department, Dragon Capital (Cyprus) Limited:

The sovereign remained on the back foot on Friday, though activity and trading volumes were subdued. Quasi-sovereigns also felt slight pressure, closing 0.25-0.75pt lower, with some offers around in the banks. Things reversed in the corporate space, as DTEK edged up for the first time in a while, yet MHPSA weakened by 1pt on newly released details about restrictions on imports of Ukrainian poultry at selected countries.
Issuer: DTEK
Issuer profile:
Donbass Fuel-Energy Company (DTEK) is a vertical integration of enterprises that build up an efficient production chain, from coal production to electric power generation and distribution. Mutually b... more
Outstanding issues:
1 issuesUSD1,275,114,314
Issuer rating:
Moody's Investors ServiceCa/PositiveLT- foreign currency02/03/2017
Fitch RatingsRD/LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.)03/06/2017
Fitch RatingsRD/LT Int. Scale (local curr.)03/06/2017
Fitch RatingsRD(ukr)/National Scale (Ukraine)03/06/2017