Cbonds league table generator becomes more convenient – press release

February 14, 2017 - Cbonds


We are pleased to inform you that the League Table Generator section on Cbonds now has new functions. You can generate an arranger league table yourself with the help of a set of aggregate filters, such as region, country, sector, industry, domestic/ international markets (issue type), issue currency. You can also add or exclude certain bond types. All selected parameters will be saved as yellow stickers above the filter menu. If necessary, you can remove stickers that you don’t need. When selecting a placement date or tap issue date you can now choose weekend dates as well. There is an opportunity to set a unit of measurement (million or billion) and currency (EUR, RUB, USD) of your league table. The generated league table can be saved for further analysis by clicking on Save Query. You can also change a field whereby league table data is sorted. Available options include issue amount, number of issues and number of issuers.

The Cbonds league table generator allows you to create your own arranger league tables based on selected criteria. You can save your league tables in pdf and xls formats.

The generator operates with data starting from January 1, 2013. You are welcome to contact us at russia@cbonds.info and global@cbonds.info if you have any questions or feedback.
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