Fitch Ratings revised outlook on Goldman Sachs International to stable

December 14, 2016 - CBonds


Fitch Ratings affirmed the "A" LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.) credit rating of Goldman Sachs International on December 13, 2016. At the same time the rating agency revised outlook to stable from positive.
Issuer: Goldman Sachs International
Outstanding issues:
64 issuesRUB11,113,242,500
217 issuesUSD2,256,495,000
22 issuesEUR833,573,000
1 issuesCHF60,000,000
1 issuesSEK300,000,000
3 issuesZAR1,200,000,000
1 issuesAUD50,000,000
2 issuesHKD550,000,000
2 issuesMXN3,050,000,000
5 issuesCNY1,050,000,000
3 issuesKRW100,000,000,000
1 issuesNZD50,000,000
Issuer rating:
Moody's Investors ServiceA1/StableLT- foreign currency02/23/2017
Moody's Investors ServiceA1/StableLT- local currency02/23/2017
S&P Global RatingsA+/StableForeign Currency LT12/16/2016
S&P Global RatingsA+/StableLocal Currency LT12/16/2016
Fitch RatingsA/StableLT Int. Scale (foreign curr.)12/13/2016