Moody's Investors Service upgrades LT- foreign currency credit rating of Barclays Bank PLC to "A1" from "A2"; outlook negative

December 13, 2016 - CBonds


Moody's Investors Service upgraded to "A1" from "A2" the LT- foreign currency credit rating of Barclays Bank PLC on December 12, 2016. The outlook is negative.
Issuer: Barclays Bank PLC
Issuer profile:
In 1985, Barclays became a holding company and all of its assets were transferred, in exchange for stock, to its operating subsidiary, Barclays Bank International Ltd., which was simultaneously conve... more
Outstanding issues:
1 issuesRUR2,500,000,000
34 issuesUSD3,911,010,360
49 issuesEUR5,526,296,000
1 issuesCHF1,000,000
2 issuesGBP285,000,000
2 issuesJPY90,000,000,000
3 issuesZAR3,418,000,000
1 issuesHKD463,000,000
Issuer rating:
Moody's Investors ServiceA1/NegativeLT- foreign currency12/12/2016
Moody's Investors ServiceA1/NegativeLT- local currency12/12/2016
S&P Global RatingsA-/NegativeForeign Currency LT07/07/2016
S&P Global RatingsA-/NegativeLocal Currency LT07/07/2016
Fitch RatingsA/StableLT Int. Scale (foreign curr.)12/13/2016