ОАО «ОПИН» разместило кредитные ноты на сумму $99,9 млн

March 11, 2008 - Cbonds


7 марта ОАО «Открытые инвестиции» (ОАО «ОПИН» разместило пятилетние кредитные ноты (CLN) на сумму 99,9 миллионов долларов США, говорится в сообщении компании. Ставка купона составила 10,45%. Размещение проведено в рамках глобальной программы Кредитования ING Bank N.V. London.
Issuer, issue numberOPIN (Open Investments), 10.450% 7mar2013, USD
Type of debt instrumentInternational bonds
Issue statusredeemed
Type of placementPrivate
Par, currency of issueUSD 100,000
End of placement03/06/2008
Initial issue price100
Yield at pricing10.45
Coupon frequency2 time(s) per year
Settlement date03/07/2008
Maturity date03/07/2013
Trading floorCbonds Estimation
Issuer: OPIN (Open Investments)
Issuer profile:
Open Investments specializes in real estate investment, as well as property development and management. The company focuses on construction of A-class and exclusive residential buildings, and commerc... more
Outstanding issues:
Issuer rating:
Moody's Investors ServiceWithdrawn/LT- foreign currency03/04/2009
Fitch RatingsWithdrawn/LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.)03/13/2009
Fitch RatingsWithdrawn/National Scale (Russia)03/13/2009
Moody's Interfax Rating AgencyWithdrawn/National Scale (Russia)03/04/2009
Rating Agency RAEX (Expert RA)Withdrawn/National Scale (Russia)12/29/2016