Index group::HSBC Russia PMI (publication was suspended since 30.06.2015)

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Index group description
The Purchasing Managers’ Index™ is based on data compiled from monthly replies to questionnaires sent to purchasing executives in over 300 manufacturing companies. The panel is stratified by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) group, based on industry contribution to Russian Industrial Production. Survey responses reflect the change, if any, in the current month compared to the previous month based on data collected mid-month. For each of the indicators the ‘Report’ shows the percentage reporting each response, the net difference between the number of higher/better responses and lower/worse responses, and the ‘diffusion’ index. This index is the sum of the positive responses plus a half of those responding ‘the same’.

The Russia Services PMI covers transport & communication, financial intermediation, business services, personal services, computing & IT and hotels & restaurants. Each response received is weighted each month according to the size of the company to which the questionnaire refers and the contribution to total service sector output accounted for by the sub-sector to which that company belongs. This therefore ensures that replies from larger companies have a greater impact on the final index numbers than replies from small companies.

Included indices
HSBC Russia Manufacturing PMI
HSBC Russia Services PMI
HSBC Russia Composite Output index
HSBC Emerging Markets Index

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