Myanmar: bonds

The Central Bank of Myanmar has issued 3-year and 5-year Government Treasury Bonds in denominations of kyats ten thousand and one hundred thousand in 1st December 1993 in Yangon and 1st January 1994 in Mandalay, in order to promote public saving and come into existence of Capital Market in Myanmar. Moreover, 3-year Government Treasury Bond in denomination of kyats one million has been issued in 1st April 1996 and 5-year Government Treasury Bond of that denomination has been issued in 1st January 1997. Furthermore, starting from 1st January 2010, 2-year Government Treasury Bond in denominations of kyats ten thousand, one hundred thousand, one million and ten million have been extensively issued to public. The current interest rates for Government Treasury Bond are 8.75 percent for 2-year, 9.0 percent for 3-year and 9.5 percent for 5-year respectively.

Outstanding bond issues

Сurrency Outstanding bond issues Cumulative volume
MMK 15 2 774 850 000 000